Personal nutrition advice

Are you looking for a diet that suits YOU?

Do you want to FAST a few kilos to fit into your dream pants?

You want to improve your diet, long term, just healthier lives?

You hear them over and over again. Sayings such as “I actually want to lose weight” or “Tomorrow I start to eat healthier”. But for many, it is simply too difficult to actually implement this.

If you can count yourself and finally want to make a difference, then you’ve come to the right place. With my personal nutrition advice, you will certainly be able to achieve your goals.

I will be your personal nutrition coach and will be at your side in all situations of life. I support you with helpful tips and tricks. Together we will develop a concept that fits your life situation and needs and works in the long term. It’s not just you who will benefit from it, but your entire environment.

Initial 19€

The recording conversation. Ask me your questions and tell me your goals! Together we will work out what you can or should change to achieve them

Monthly Nutrition Coaching

Let me coach you. I create individual dietary plans for you, keep in touch with you weekly, give feedback and finally help you reach your dream figure

50€ / month

You want to finally get started and change your life. Then just contact me at and together we will see how we can achieve your goals.

For further information or enquiries, you can of course also contact me by e-mail.