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Yes moin love her. Welcome to another episode of the Green Diet podcast.

Fitness Abroad – Green Diet Podcast 2.0 #1

I’ll just say this is the episode #1 of the new podcast. Since the last 50 episodes were, a good year ago. Now I have finally started to release new episodes regularly. As one or the other may have noticed in the last episode. Today it is about fitness abroad.

So fitness and nutrition when travelling and especially during longer periods abroad. In other words, if you are somewhere else in another country for two-three months with a different culture, different eating habits and a completely new lifestyle. Let’s just start with the topic of training, and that’s training. Training while travelling can be a relatively difficult thing, I have to admit myself. Because you no longer have your normal equipment. You don’t have the machines you know, for example, from the European or German fitness centers. For example, Asia, because the machines there will probably not be as high-quality and many will not be available in the first place.

Therefore also my appeal for fitnessabroad. Just try to incorporate as many basic exercisesas possible, such as bench press, squats and cross lifting into your normal workout.

In addition, many exercises, which can also be done with dumbbells and barbells. Because that way you can make sure that you can get along well abroad without having big deficits in training. Because there is nothing worse than being abroad and then not knowing what you can do in the fitness centre.

This is actually pretty much the easiest method of desperationabroad. Yes, that’s actually so far to training.

Now for nutrition abroad.

Of course, the diet when travelling is not so simple either. Yes, of course, if you travel from Germany to Austria or Switzerland now, there will not be many big differences and you can actually keep your diet right away. The climate is no different either. But if you now go to a country like Asia, things are very different.

I was in Balifor my case, which is why I do this episode. There are then suddenly quite different weathercondition. You have differentfoods, completely different supermarkets and therefore a completely different lifestyle. This should of course also make you adjust your food.

I would advise you to just get into the lifestyle for a week. A little bit to look at how the people here feed themselves like. And then to decide how you want to feed yourself. For me in Bali, for example, this meant simply letting go of breakfast in a warm country. Because when it’s warm, you just don’t have an appetite. So I just leave the whole thing out and then eat only in the evening, when it has cooled down a bit.

Yes and then I would just recommend you try to really pay attention to your protein needs somehow. If necessary, also with protein bars or protein powder somehow help. Because I know abroad, sometimes it can be relatively difficult.

Now again a general topic about my time, nutrition, training and fitness abroad

I would try not to make you really big head. Enjoy travelling!

Travelling is a beautiful thing. So I advise you to make the best of it and create memories.

For example, I have now hung a beautiful world map in my room at home. The whole thing reminds me again and again in which countries I already see everywhere. And I just think it’s beautiful to revel in the old memories.

Fitness abroad keepsakes
Keepsakes are important! Fitness abroad

Because travelling belongs, let’s be honest, to an absolute luxury. We are in a world where travel has become relatively easy. You can fly anywhere quickly. Prices are often relatively low (e.g. Ryanair). My opinion is that this should be exploited! Enjoy travelling, enjoy life there and simply eat there.

Of course, it is recommended not to completely disregard fitness. But you can also easily consider this in which you try out new things and simply activist.

In general, I simply do not recommend taking a diet on a trip or continuing even if it might be appropriate or you are really motivated. Just enjoy life trying to keep a bit of your diet under control not quite as extravagant, but otherwise enjoy travelling.

By the way, I bought my beautiful world map on There you have a huge selection of super beautiful cards in all sorts of sizes and shapes. Definitely a recommendation for anyone who likes to travel and travel abroad as much as I do.

My new world map
My new world map

That’s how it was from my side on the topic: fitness abroad. Let me know what you think about the subject!

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