Premier Protein: 50 Protein Protein Bars Test- Chocolate Caramel

My Premier Protein: 50 Protein Protein Bars Test! In this post you will get a detailed protein bar test and review of the Premier Protein: 50 Protein Protein Bars in Chocolate Caramel Taste!

So I just hope you test my protein bar series. If that shouldn’t be the case, I definitely recommend you check out my column Protein Bar Tests. Of course, only after you’ve finished here 😉

Should you be more interested in the criteria of my protein bar tests before we evaluate with the Premier Protein Protein Bar Test! Then take a look here: My protein bar test criteria.

Criterion 1: The optics

Let’s just start with the first protein bar Criterion on the optics of the protein bar! Unfortunately, the “Premier Protein” has not been able to put off all too special a figure here. Because on the outside the bar just looks like a normal boring chocolate bar. Not particularly. Even when cutting, the bar seems more boring than for biting.

Premier Protein Protein Bar Chocolate Caramel
Premier Protein Protein Bar Chocolate Caramel

Criterion 2: Taste

But looking is fortunately not everything! So let us move on to the second criterion of a good protein bar. The taste.

Personally, I have to say that I am quite satisfied with the taste of the Premier Protein. It tastes slightly crunchy, not too sweet and a little like caramel. Nevertheless, not super tasty now or in any kind special.

Criterion 3: Consistency

But unfortunately, consistency is much more important for protein bars. Because many taste very tough due to the high artificial fiber content! But that is absolutely not the case here in the case of the Premier Protein Protein Bar! Definitely a plus in my opinion.

Premier Protein 50 Protein
Premier Protein 50 Protein

Criterion 4: The nutritional values

But let’s take a look at the nutritional values of the 50 protein bar. The name already promises a high protein content. The bar with just under 20g of protein on 40g bars can also comply with this! In addition, the bar also benefits positively in that it delivers a relatively low calorie density, with only 135. Which is very good if you only want a small protein snack or dessert instead of replacing a meal right away.

Premier protein bars nutritional
Premier protein bars nutritional

Criterion: 5 Quality

That’s how we get to the quality of the bars. So the ingredients and contents of the protein bar. Mainly the bar surprisingly consists of milk chocolate with sweetener 18 . As protein sources are a whole milk powder, glycerol, calcium caseines, collagen (15 ) and soy protein (12 ). But what provides a lot of protein, this comes from cheap and not so high-quality sources.

Ingredients of Premier Protein: 50 Protein Protein Bars Chocolate Caramel

MILK chocolate couverture with sweetener (18) [sweetener (maltite), cocoa butter, whole MILCpowder powder, cocoa mass, emulsifier (SOJAlecithine), aroma], calcium caseinate (from MILCH) (16), humectops (glycerine), collagen hydrolysate (15), SOJA protein (12), Water, whey protein (MILCH) (7), SOJAcrispies (4.5) [SOJA protein, starch, salt], caramel sugar syrup (glucose syrup, sugar), flavor, salt, sweetener (sucralose), emulsifier (SOJAlecithins). May contain traces of NUTS and GLUTEN.

Premier Protein Protein Bar Test
Premier Protein Protein Bar Test

Criterion 6: The price

So now to the last criterion. The price. In terms of price, the bar is clearly one of the cheap protein bars. Because you already get it for less than 1€ (0.79-0.99€) in the conventional supermarket (Rewe or Penny) or drugstore shop (Müller)

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